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Annual Financial Statement, Thomas Lechinger, Fachberater für internationales Steuerrecht, Steuerberater in Memmingen

Annual financial statements are prepared in accordance with commercial-law and tax-law provisions. Since the tax legislation is becoming increasingly stringent, the tax law and the commercial law are increasingly drifting apart. In a growing number of cases this circumstance requires that a commercial financial statement and a differing tax statement are prepared.

Balancing is increasingly turning into an optimization decision between the desire to demonstrate economic strength on the one hand, and to reduce the tax burden by keeping the profit as low as possible on the other hand. We assist you with great sensitivity in fulfilling this task and, if desired, we will also be pleased to speak to your bank manager. Our clients also profit from our good reputation gained in the course of many years of experience.

The annual financial statements prepared by us comprise different certificates. The formulation of certificates depends on the scope of the audit procedure carried out when preparing the annual financial statement. Banks frequently require annual financial statements with plausibility assessments. The issued certificates range from "simple" confirmations for preparing annual financial statements without audit procedure, to certificates which are based on a comprehensive audit procedure and therefore have a quality similar to an auditor's certificate.

We also assist you in the publication of annual financial statements in the electronic Official Gazette of the Federal Republic of Germany (Bundesanzeiger).

Depending on your wishes and the given circumstances, we make sure that only the legally required minimum data are published, or that a special data set adapted to your company's marketing goals is considered.

Annual Financial Statement

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